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New experience on OOL.

I just joined OOL and have enjoyed surfing the site. I have 20 books on orchids in my little library, but it is a thorough study of cultivating and growing orchids. I have read 10 of them.

A Belated Merry Xmas

I would like to wish all new and old members of OOL a belated Merry Xmas and an upcomeing prosperous New Year.

Worried about my orchids.

Hello, I am a new member of Orchids Online, an amateur on growing orchids, an enthusiastic photographer of orchids and just now... a mother worried about my poor sick orchids.

An interesting blog

I came across this blog and its of such quality and interest I thought other OOL members might enjoy it too


Cymbidium Madidum seeds

Hi I think my big Madidum has set seed pods? Would this be correct. Would anyone like these pods to propagate?

Miltonia (Oncidium) May Moir

I have some plants of an orchid originally labelled Onc Mary Moir. The only possibles are Onc May Moir or, what I assume to be the same plant, Miltonia May Moir.

am back..:-)

hi all..glad can meet u all again here...regard from malaysia

unregistered orchid?

I have an orchid in my collection with a tag that reads "Col. Jungle Warrior". I have tried Kew's orchid database and Google images and apparently this orchid does not exists.

How to check the name of your orchid

Come one! Come all! Be part of the world-wide craze! Check your orchid names with me!

How to attach multiple photos to your post

I have prepared a quick 'How to' for attaching multiple photos to your posts (See attached).

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