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Where/how do I find hybrid names?

A questions for the 'panel' . . . Website

I have recently launched a new website - - to promote and share knowledge of Coelogynes. It is a personal site focussed on Coelogynae that I own.


This is my orchid house a rather compact 4x4x4 cube. It was constructed from a dismantled tennis court and a few other bits of recycled material. It also doubles as my general propagating area because of the controlled environment.

More information on Bulbophyllum sempiternum


Does anyone has any information on Bulbophyllum sempiternum?

Featured Photos

Interesting list Wellsy, a quick look through shows only 6 hybrids making the list. Two appear 4 times, one 3 times, one twice & 2 singles. I may have missed some.

Blc Hawaiian Leopard

This is the 1st flowering of this plant and hopefully next year it will be even better

Chemical cocktails

Do any of you experienced OOL'ers out there have thoughts on mixing fertilizers, insecticides and fungicides etc to be used in a single application?


fungicides for orchid seedlings


I am new to this website and am hoping to get some advice on using fungicide on both orchid seedlings (just opened flasks) and adult specimens.

Oncidium won't flower

2 Oncidiums, given to me 2 years ago, (they had been growing in a very big shadehouse).

Oncidium Coloratum

Hi, anyone know where to purchase an Oncidium Coloratum. Or any nurseries that sell Oncidiums?

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