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Mormolyca ringens

Mormolyca ringens (Lindl.) Gentil, Pl. Cult. Serres Jard. Bot. Brux.: 124 (1907).

Distribution: Mexico Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatamala,Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama

A South American native, this is a fairly easy to grow species, multiplying in size rapidly.

The unusual flowers are born singularly, however numerous spikes are generally produced from the base of the pseudobulbs increasing the visual effect of the display.

Mormolyca ringens

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Easy to grow eh? if only can get one here. nice pictures


Love the third image, first time I've seen this species. With the callus on the lip, it reminds me of some of the maxillaria species.



It was a pretty hard shot to get as the flower is only a few centimetres long, I am happy with the final result though, and it is a great thing to receive positive feedback from such an experienced grower, thank you.